Factors to Pinpoint Your Technology Firm’s Differentiators

By Andrew J

Your company’s most valuable asset might be its brand. We often hear that a company’s people and its brand, are its most valuable asset. People come and go, though. And “people” can only get you so far unless a person’s reputation and industry presence are so strong that they affect the market position of the whole company.

Your brand is what stands the test of time and beats out the rest.

Differentiators are what makes a brand stand out. Differentiators are the building blocks of clearly and consistently communicating your brand. If what you say about your business is the same as what your competitors say about their businesses, you have a weak brand. Unfortunately, this can hurt the growth and profitability of your business. We’ve found that high-growth companies are 3 times more likely to have strong, easy-to-understand differentiators.

And in the world of professional services, technology services firms have a hard time finding the right technology differentiator. Technology firms often fall back on being a “trusted partner” and having “best-in-class people” to set themselves apart. This is because their services are often complicated and have even more complicated acronyms and terms to describe them.

A product differentiation B2B website design strategy involves figuring out what makes a product or company unique and telling people about it, while also pointing out how it is different from its competitors. Product differentiation goes hand in hand with creating a strong value proposition so that a product or service is attractive to a target market or audience.

Differentiators for Competition

Knowing how each type’s characteristics will help you decide which ones are best for your organization.

Brand Differentiators

Brand differentiation is everything that customers think about your brand.

Differentiators between Products

Product Differentiators are all of the unique features and benefits of your product. Think about characteristics like brand design service in Southampton, quality and performance that give you an edge in the market.

Differentiators in Service

Service differentiators are all the intangibles that make customer experiences memorable.

Price Differentiators

Price differentiation comes down to how you’ve chosen to price your product or service. This talks about different ways to set prices, such as pricing based on value, pricing for a premium, and pricing for market penetration.

Channel Differentiators

Every part of how your product gets to your customer is part of channel differentiation. Channel differentiation is all about where, how, and when.

How to Stand Out In the Crowded Tech Industry

With so much growth and competition, how do you get a tech company to notify you when you’re looking for a job? Find out how to stand out in the tech industry by reading on.

Start With What’s Wrong.

Most of the time, technology firms that do well are the ones that quickly figure out what problem they are solving that customers care about. It’s important to figure this out early on so that you can prioritize and make decisions that lead to customer adoption. When you spend too much time making technology, you don’t have time to make sure you’re solving a problem that people need to be solved right away.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Comfortable.

We live in a time when things change very quickly, and those who can take advantage of opportunities lead the way. This is why you should never lose the drive you need to keep doing well in a competitive field like tech. If you think your business is getting too good at what it does and where it stands in the market, you’re already in trouble.

Find Your Place In The Market By Telling Stories And Specializing.

It’s easy to imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have any competition. When you build a niche, you get a lot closer to this end goal. This is because there is much less room for growth in a crowded market. In a crowded market, you need something that makes you stand out. The less competition there is, the more unique it is. By making up creative stories about your products, storytelling is a great way to build your niche.

Help Your Customers In A Good Way.

Customer service that is great and memorable is a great way to build customer loyalty and set yourself apart from the competition. Make it a top priority to hire people who know not only your products and technology services firms but also your brand as a whole. Don’t be in a hurry to hire people for your customer service team. It’s more important to find the right people for the job than to fill those jobs. Your employees should greet customers with a smile and show gratitude to the people they talk to. It’s important to get your staff to work as a team and to hire people who can do that. Reward the people who work well as a team, as employees need constant encouragement to do better than others.

Find Out Who You Want To Sell To.

Once you know who your competitors are, you can do research and concentrate on getting to know your target market. It’s important to know what this group of people wants and needs because they are most likely to use your product or service. By taking the time to do market research, you can make sure that the product or service you’re making will appeal to your target audience. This information is important as you think of ways to get more business and stand out in a crowded market.

3 Differentiator-Maker Tests

So, how do you find strong differentiators that you can use to build a Digital content marketing plan around? First of all, you need to know how to judge a differentiator. Three things must be true of strong differentiators:

  • They have to be true
  • They have to be relevant to the people you want to reach
  • They must be able to be shown

If a differentiator doesn’t pass any of these tests, it’s like a skunk on the road: potential customers will turn up their noses and keep driving.

What do good differentiators look like? Specialization is the most important of the top differentiators because it helps solve a specific problem, provide a certain service, or reach a certain type of audience. Other technology firms set themselves apart by specializing in a certain industry, becoming thought leaders, or using technology to offer services uniquely.

Examples of Differentiation Strategies

Here are five ways that well-known companies and brands stood out from their competitors and made themselves more valuable:

  • Focused on image, community, and quality with expensive products that are built to last and keep their value.
  • Bought things that were made by hand and were made ethically.
  • Hosted events, ran multiple blogs, and made an app that shows how everyday tasks can be done in a new way.
  • Improved fast-food service by using high-quality ingredients.
  • Pushed the limits of their products and technology services firms and made their brand a necessity through advertising campaigns and product placement.
In a Nutshell,

Digital content marketing is a game of getting people’s attention. It’s hard to get it if you do what everyone else does. If your goal is to increase market share and brand differentiation, but your product doesn’t stand out in any way, that’s a problem. It’s too bad that it’s not an easy problem to solve. For differentiation to work, you have to give it your all. It can’t be given to marketers with low status. It’s not a good way to do things. It’s not a piece of writing. The C-Suite needs to be in charge of the differentiation strategy. It needs to be owned by the CEO. It’s a strategic choice that could affect the long-term success of your business.

In the end, if you say “everyone” when asked who you serve, you’re not well enough positioned in the market. You’re not even in the right place. It’s time to start working on a differentiation B2B website design strategy that will make your business more visible and give you the competitive edge you deserve.

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